Performance Enhancement

Through bike fitting or running analysis, combined with corrective exercise, HPC can get you moving more efficiently and ready to perform your best.

Bike Fit Analysis

HPC Bike Fit is a medical identification and body position service. We studied bike fitting to understand what bike shops do when fitting their clients. This way, either working with your own fitter or under our expert hands, a correct fit can be achieved.

It does not end when you have one fit session, but evolves over time. Anatomical limitations will be identified that must be addressed not only by the bike fitter, but by you the athlete as well. The bike will be fit to your limitations and can easily be dialed in with consistent work, with your desired goals in mind.

Improvements in these limitations are ultimately up to you. If you are not consistent with your daily exercises, HPC will be restricted in the amount of magic that can be applied to the bike fitting service. We will help you with the tweaks you think you would require.

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Running Form Analysis

Running Form Analysis is a 1-hour session using Runscribe footpods and video analysis to help you dial in your running mechanics to reduce injuries and improve performance.

The first 30-minutes will gather data using footpods and slow motion video analysis. The second 30-minutes will focus on using this information to prescribe exercises and drills that will help strengthen weaknesses and improve mobility. Running shoe selection will also be evaluated in more detail.

At the end of your analysis, you will have a better understanding of how you run, paired with a plan to make you a stronger, more injury-resistant runner.

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