Athletic Training

Serious about your sport? Experience the luxury of daily manual therapy, injury assessment, kinesiology taping, and corrective exercise at the Human Performance Collective.

Athletic Training Room

HPC is first and foremost an athletic training room.  The intent is to provide support before and after your training or competition so you are best prepared to make the most of your day.  

Ann Arbor Training Room with Sports Massage and Corrective ExerciseWe are not coaches.  We are not personal trainers.  Our overall plan is to provide the athletic training room services enjoyed by college and professional sports.  

For those of you who have not had that experience, expect to have the details taken care of that prepare you for your performance.  Upon arrival, expect modalities for local injury/irritation site warm-up.  A quick hands on local massage or warm-up, corrective exercises and certainly foam rolling/ball/lacrosse ball self myofascial release that works out the kinks we all have before you begin your workouts.  

Kinesiology tape in Ann Arbor, MichiganOnce your specific events are completed, you may return to HPC for the post workout physical management of your issues.  Foam rolling, massage stick, assisted stretching, specific hands-on work by the athletic trainers and massage therapists, and finally local ice application wherever needed.

Each individual will be assessed daily by the athletic trainers to monitor and plan your integrative sports medicine with your chosen events and coach’s direction.  

You remain in touch with your athletic trainers on a daily basis by attending HPC, by emails and by texting or by telephone.  We are your medical support staff that have great knowledge and experience to take care of you.