Our Services

At HPC, we provide flexible options to help you get the help you need.

Recovery Lounge

Ann Arbor Recovery Lounge, Normatec Compression

  • NormaTec compression recovery system
  • Game Ready Cryotherapy
  • PolarPool Cold Tub
  • Foam Rollers
  • Massage Sticks
  • Roll Recovery
  • Floss Bands
  • Our witty banter
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Recovery Lounge Membership Options

Membership Description Price
Day Pass
  • 1 day access to our recovery lounge services
6-Visit Punchcard
  • Punchcard good for one year
  • Best for those who need less frequent recovery
$100 (Save $20)
Monthly Membership (Recurring)
  • Unlimited monthly access to Recovery Lounge
  • Member Discounts on individual services (Athletic Training, Massage)

Training RoomAnn Arbor sports massage - Best way to recover from running

  • Injury assessment
  • Assisted stretching
  • Injury-specific manual therapy/massage
  • Kinesiology taping or corrective taping
  • Group-led mobility and stability classes
  • Corrective exercise with attitude
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Training Room Membership Options

Membership Description Price
Monthly Membership (Recurring)
  • Unlimited monthly access to the Training Room
  • Discounts on individual services (Athletic Training, Massage)
Integrated Functional Training Package
  • Four-visit package for corrective exercise
  • Reserved 1-on-1 time with an HPC trainer
  • Greater hands-on and personalized attention
  • Includes use of the Recovery Lounge with each visit
  • Must be used within 3 months of first visit
Elite Membership (Recurring)
  • Includes unlimited access to the both the Training Room and Recovery Lounge
  • Member Discounts on individual services (Athletic Training, Massage)
$185 (Save $25)

Sports & Therapeutic Massage

HPC is your answer for sports massage in Ann Arbor. Our therapists work with athletes of all levels, from recreational runners to Olympic medalists. Our clients include NCAA athletes, Olympic figure skaters, and professional track & field athletes.

Duration Regular Price Member Price
30 Minute $40 $35 (Save $5)
45 Minute $55 $50 (Save $5)
60 Minute $75 $65 (Save $10)

Massage Packages

Not a member of the lounge or training room? You can still get the member price by purchasing a package of four massages.

Duration Package Price
30 Minute $140 ($35 each)
45 Minute $200 ($50 each)
60 Minute $260 ($65 each)


Bike Fit Analysis
F.I.S.T. bike fitting in Ann Arbor, Michigan

HPC Bike Fit is a medical identification and body position service. Bike fitting was studied to understand what bike shops do when fitting their clients, that way either working with your own fitter or under our expert hands, a correct fit can be achieved.

It does not end when you have one fit session, but evolves over time. Anatomical limitations will be identified that must be addressed not only by the bike fitter, but by you the athlete as well. The bike will be fit to your limitations and can easily be dialed in with consistent work, with your desired work output in mind.

Improvements in these limitations are ultimately up to you. If you are not consistent with your daily exercises, HPC will be restricted in the amount of magic that can be applied to the bike fitting service. We will help you with the tweaks you think you would require.

HPC Bike Fitting:  $80

  • Saddle sizing and recommendation
  • Seat height & fore/aft adjustment
  • Stem sizing
  • Handlebar sizing & adjustment
  • Physical Assessment
  • Saddle selection
  • Seat height & fore/aft adjustment
  • Leg length discrepancy correction
  • Handlebar sizing & adjustment
  • Shoe-pedal interface


Running Form Analysis

By appointment:  $150.00

Running Form Analysis is a 90 minute session that combines musculoskeletal assessment, Runscribe foot pods, and video analysis to help runners dial in their running mechanics to reduce injuries and improve performance.

The session begins with a review of your running and injury history, followed by a musculoskeletal assessment to identify restrictions and weakness in key running-related movements. Once this is complete, you will run on a treadmill as we perform a slow-motion video analysis and then run outside with foot pod sensors attached to your shoes.

We will then teach you exercises and running form drills that will improve mobility, stability, and overall running efficiency. Running shoe selection will also be evaluated in more detail.