Our Impact

The best view of our work is through the mouths of our valued clients. Here’s what some of them had to say about our team:

“Earl has helped keep me healthy despite my rigorous training regime. I have had numerous scares with IT band, plantar fascia, shin splints, and adductor tightness, but with specific stretching and massage, Earl has kept me on the track, with no time off from injury.”


Nick Willis
2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist – 1500 Meters
2016 World Indoor Bronze Medalist – 1500 Meters
2008 Olympic Silver Medalist – 1500 Meters
Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist – 1500 Meters
4-time Olympian (New Zealand)

“I was referred to Earl Wenk with specific treatment requirements following surgery on my shins for Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome, which I developed from my training as a figure skater.  His methodologies for treatment and techniques have been extremely helpful and greatly enhanced my rehabilitation.


Now that my shins are back on track, I continue to see Earl, as he has become part of my weekly training and recovery regime – as well as an instrumental part of my support team! He is professional, competent, knowledgeable and personable.  His background and experience in sport is invaluable – his curiosity and determination to provide the most effective treatments is outstanding.


I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Earl to other athletes – or, for that matter, non-athletes!”


Tessa Virtue
2014 Olympic Silver Medalist (Canada)
2010 Olympic Gold Medalist (Canada)
2010, 2012, and 2017 World Champion – Ice Dance


My brother Chris Reed and I, are the 7-time Japanese Ice Dance Champions, 2-time Olympians and World Competitors. I am officially retired now, but my last season skating with Chris, we were fortunate enough to train and work with Earl Wenk, an Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist.


Earl’s training sessions with us prepared us both physically and mentally. His outstanding knowledge of athletic training and conditioning allowed us to train effectively and compete in excellent condition.


Being an athlete, injuries are inevitable. So it is vital for us to receive the proper diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Earl provided us with functional assessment, sports massage, and performance enhancement.  He helped us not only overcome our injuries, but also passed on the knowledge of continual treatment and improvement of our problems.


I highly recommend Earl for all athletes and even non-athletes. His professionalism, knowledge and exceptional care is undoubtable. You will not be disappointed!


Cathy Reed
2010 and 2012 Olympic Ice Dancer (Japan)
7-Time Japanese Ice Dance Champion


Since implementing Earl’s strength program, I have seen an incredible decrease in injury issues with all of our athletes. In the spring of 2016, with 70 distance athletes, we had just 6 athletes experience an injury that required modification of their training, typically for just 2 days at a time. If you take those 70 athletes in the distance crew and multiply that by the roughly 60 training/racing opportunities in a track season, that group of athletes had a combined total of 4,200 days to train or race. We lost just 20 of those days to injury issues.


His simple and targeted exercises require almost no equipment, can be done with large numbers at the same time. Once taught, athletes can repeat the exercises nearly anywhere, including at home. The time demand is reasonable and fits well in our daily training schedule.


I believe that Earl’s strength program has been crucial to keeping our athletes healthy and training.


Carl Spina
Head Coach
Saline High School Cross Country