Recovery Lounge

Recovery Lounge

Ann Arbor Recovery Lounge - Sports Massage

You don’t get stronger or faster during your training. Your body adapts to the stress of training between workouts. This makes recovery a vital part of your overall performance. Recover like a pro at HPC.

Imagine finishing a hard workout and having a place specifically created to help you immediately feel better. Improve your recovery and be ready to perform your best at the HPC recovery lounge.

We provide the same compression therapy and cryotherapy utilized by elite athletes to head-off injury and soreness after hard workouts.



Your Athletic Spa ExperienceAnn Arbor recovery lounge with sports massage and NormaTec compression boots

When you check-in to the lounge, you will have access to self-myofascial release tools, such as foam rollers, massage sticks, and a Roll Recovery deep tissue roller to work out the tight areas in your body.

Ready to recover? Zip your legs into cutting-edge compression recovery pants, kick back in a recliner designed to let you lie completely flat, and relax in front of a big screen TV.



ThHow NormaTec compression workse Normatec compression system used at HPC systematically flushes the blood and edema from your legs with compressed air, providing a deep tissue massage to your muscles.







Cold tub for athletic recovery at the Ann Arbor Recovery Lounge

Take the Plunge

Once your legs have been flushed out, complete the recovery with a dip in our temperature-controlled cold tub. Our tub is always ready for you at a perfect, 54 degrees.

Just 10 minutes will have you refreshed and on your way.




Cryo-Compression for Injuries

Ann Arbor Game Ready Cryotherapy for InjuriesHave some lingering pain? We’ll apply cryotherapy along with compression to reduce swelling and promote healing of the injured tissue with a Game Ready compression system.

The Game Ready system simultaneously surrounds your injury with ice water and compression to help you quickly remove swelling and pain.