Sports Massage

HPC is your answer for sports massage in Ann Arbor. Our massage therapists work with athletes of all levels, from recreational runners to Olympic medalists. Our clients include NCAA athletes, Olympic figure skaters, and professional track & field athletes.

To be a value to our athletes as sports massage therapists, we apply these 4 areas of knowledge to the athlete’s situation:

  1. The basic biomechanics of the sport our athlete is participating, to know the common areas of strain they will encounter in training and competition
  2. Exercise physiology, to know what techniques can be used before, during and after competition
  3. The healing process of the body, to know what techniques can be used in what stages of injury
  4. Functional assessment techniques, so we can identify soft tissue structures that are not functioning properly (muscles that are short, long, or weak)

As an athlete coming to HPC for a sports massage, please consider the following advice:

  1. Unless you commonly receive massage, we do not recommend sports massage 24 hours prior to competition. If your body is not familiar with the pressure, it may leave you feeling sore and sluggish the next day.
  2. We recommend 2-3 days prior to competition for a sports massage. This allows us to use any technique to ensure you are ready to perform your best.
  3. For a lower body sports massage, bring shorts with you to your appointment. This makes it easy for us to incorporate therapeutic stretching techniques into your massage for maximum benefit.

We take great pride that elite athletes trust their bodies to us. We love what we do and strive to be the best sports massage therapists in Ann Arbor.